Finding the right PPI claims company can be a huge boost towards helping you claim back mis-sold PPI.  Notably, not every PPI claim company that describes itself as the best is necessarily the best for you. There are shady organizations that are just recipes for trouble. Some of these companies have been shut down in by the financial ombudsman whereas others are still waiting for unsuspecting customers. That said, here are some qualities to look for when looking for a company to help you claim back mis-sold PPI.

Special arrangements

LoasedcsdcvSAts of mis-sold PPI policies are yet to be claimed back. This has opened yet another window for banks and financial institution to make money from uninformed customers. This could be attributed to the fact that the policyholder might not be aware of. It could also be that they are aware only that they cannot remember their account number or some of these details.

In case you are unable to claim mis-sold PPI for these two reasons, a decent PPI company should be able to help you go past this hurdle. In most instances, all they need is your full name and a list of your previous address. From there, they should be in a position to run a check across the bank’s entire network. For a fact, not many PPI claims company will provide you with these type of service.

Transparent fee structure

The very nature of a PPI claim means that you were duped out of your money. So when looking for a company to help your pursue your claims, the last thing you should settle is a company that tricks you yet again. Here are two things you should look at to ensure you are on the safe side.

No upfront fees

A decent PPI claim should evaluate your case before committing to your aqdAQsdsDcvcase. Their experience should allow them to determine whether you have a valid case or not. In case you have a valid claim, they should be able to help you first and charge you after the claim is successful.

No Win No Fee

Similarly, any decent PPI company should work on a no win no fee basis. This implies that you will not pay anything if your PPI was not mis-sold or if you simply do not have PP as you might have thought. You should steer away from a company that tries to charge you if you have not won anything.